Infinity Building



‘Infinity’ – the idea for which was developed by Belgian SME Encon – is a sustainable building created on a limited budget. ‘Infinity’ is more than just a building, Infinity provides a blueprint for businesses that want to become more sustainable. It challenges them to overcome the idea that saving energy requires high levels of investment or a drop in comfort, or that they lack the necessary technological knowledge. It serves as an example of how to make the transition to clean energy.

Smart systems using renewable energy

In developing Infinity, Encon focuses on four aspects: energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainability and a new way of working. In terms of energy efficiency, the building has a unique smart light control app, making sure that lights stay on and off when needed. Energy is provided from Infinity’s own wind turbine, located less than 20 metres away, while solar energy panels are also to be installed. The building also features a heating and cooling infrastructure with both outputs available within the same offices.

The focus on employee comfort does not end there. With car wash and grocery delivery services, among other things, readily arranged from the building, ‘Infinity’ contributes to employees’ work-life balance and helping the company attract talented people. Encon also chooses its suppliers and materials carefully, making sure that everything is produced locally where possible.

Prestigious recognition

Infinity has already been recognised by the leading sustainability assessment methods BREEAM Excellent and the LEED Gold certificates, and Encon is now looking to transfer its knowledge to other organisations.

The building’s upper floor will house an education centre delivering courses on sustainability, and the short-term goal is to inspire half of Belgium’s energy-intensive industries to take up the concept. In the longer term, the company hopes that such a project could be reproduced in other parts of Europe.