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The Energy Institute at Austria’s Johannes Kepler University, is making it easier for households to manage their energy consumption while increasing their use of cleaner, renewables-based energy with their new App – The Personal Energy Administration Kiosk or PEAkapp.

Spurred on by the need to boost renewable energy-based electricity consumption in the grid while improving energy efficiency in homes, including low-income households and those Europeans living in apartments with no possibility to install solar panels, the institute believe they have found an answer.

An App to save energy and reduce costs

PEAKapp is an attractively designed, user-friendly mobile application that includes 8 functions, which can be downloaded on the user’s smart phone. It is applicable to all European residential users equipped with smart meters. An estimated 80% of EU households will have smart meters by 2020.

Users can check their energy use at a glance, receive warnings about exceeding their consumption targets, obtain information on available discounts based on renewable energy production, and compare their energy consumption with similar households in the area. The App even includes a PEAKPoker game that allows individuals to place bets on their daily consumption, with rewards for conscientious behaviour. These features together motivate users to change their habits and save energy. 

Uptake exceeding expectations

PEAKapp has been tested in over 2,500 homes in Austria, Estonia, Latvia and Sweden. Although it is too early to estimate direct savings in terms of cost and energy, the uptake has exceeded the developers’ expectations. Forty weeks after the launch of the App, developers noticed that 30% of users continuously use it for their energy management, which is a much higher retention rate than most other Apps. With such an impressive engagement rate it is hardly surprising that many utility companies are looking to come on board and implement the PEAKapp system.