Event type Open air event

Festival Solar de Lisboa 2018 | Lisbon Solar Festival 2018

For the EUSEW 2018, Portugal’s National Energy Agency (ADENE) and the Network of Energy and Environment Agencies (RNAE) are coordinating a set of Energy Days promoted by Portuguese municipalities, municipal associations and energy agencies aiming to raise awareness on energy efficiency and renewable energy in Portugal.

From 17-20 May, the Municipality of Lisbon and Lisbon's Energy and Environmental Agency (Lisboa E-Nova) will organize an event that aims to promote sustainability and efficiency through solar energy in the cities and societies of the future. In this event people will be able to establish contact with the cutting-edge R&D in the most relevant academic institutions in Lisbon, experience an example of a self-sustainable home with passive strategies, solar electricity supply and high efficiency appliances, taste food cooked in solar ovens, test-drive solar car prototypes, build a solar painting robot or plan a solar city.