Event type Workshop

Renewable Energy and Sector Coupling: The Role of Hydrogen in a Clean Energy System

HyER and its member regions are organising a lunchtime workshop on the role of hydrogen energy in the decarbonisation of the energy and transport systems.

It is now widely acknowledged that hydrogen will have a central role to play in a zero-emission transport system. The potential role of hydrogen in a decarbonised energy sector and in the storage of renewable electricity has also been established. This workshop seeks to link the two discussions by demonstrating that hydrogen can help to further decarbonise the energy sector and that the transport sector can help with the further integration of renewables in the energy system.

This event will showcase the leadership of the public sector in the transition to zero emission energy and transport systems. The workshop will focus on concrete examples of policies and projects which have been developed by European cities and regions to encourage a rapid transition to zero emission transport and energy systems.