Event type Open air event

Visita técnica à Estação de Entrecampos | Entrecampos Station walkthrough visit

For the EUSEW 2018, Portugal’s National Energy Agency (ADENE) and the Network of Energy and Environment Agencies (RNAE) are coordinating a set of Energy Days promoted by Portuguese municipalities, municipal associations and energy agencies aiming to raise awareness on energy efficiency and renewable energy in Portugal.

On June 18, ADENE will organize a walkthrough visit to the Entrecampos train station as a part of the STOP CO2 project, an Interreg SUDOE project that aims to create a tool to evaluate energy efficiency on transport stations through environmental energy systems such as BIM. This tool will also be able to determine consumption levels and will allow the identification of potential solutions to achieve a more sustainable building management.

In this visit, ADENE intends to show which energy efficiency measures have already been implemented and to identify its expected outcomes.